Life is filled with many different types of sounds; from birds chirping, to the waves of the sea, and even cars honking at rush-hour. However, none of these sounds are music; but that can be improved if these sounds can be put together in a purposeful way that expresses ideas, and emotions, or to create a specific atmosphere. If your a complete guitar nut and you live in Perth WA, check out Guitar Lessons Perth for the best guitar teacher around, He makes beautiful music. People who make music take individual sounds that would make no sense on their own then creatively put them together to create a unified composition. Music also comprises of vibrations and silent moments that build up to convey a range of experiences, emotions, and environments. 

Since the dawn of man, it has been clear that music is a powerful phenomenon that has the power to influence emotions and feelings. There are many songs which can spark up emotions of sadness even when you are not sad, or happiness when you are down in the dumps. There are even types of music that are specifically made to relieve stress and make you feel relaxed. People often say that a piece of music speaks to their soul, and this is true. Certain combinations of elements can create music that stimulates parts of your brain such as emotional receptors. This can cause reactions such as tears, laughter, and even goosebumps. Music is so powerful that scientists even believe that music has the potential to be used as a healing agent for mental disorders. 

So how is music made? There is no custom method of making music but almost all music starts at the same point. It starts with a melody; a melody is the main voice in anything musical. It is several coordinated pitches that combine to create the main line of a tune. If you can sing a tune then you have experienced melody. Harmony is the next piece; it is not as prominent as the melody but you can hear it. It is many lines of musical notes that play second fiddle to the melody and compliment it. Harmonies are formed when three or more notes are played at the same time. 

The other important element of music is rhythm; it is the placement of sound in time. Rhythm is what leads us through the song and dictates dance moves. Great dancers can hear and feel rhythm which allows them to dance in coordination to the beat. Music also has texture; though it is not something physical, music has different layers which includes voice and instrumental sounds. Finally, music has a structure which is how these elements are arranged to form the final piece that we call music. 

At the end of the day, music is more than these simple and complex combinations of elements. People who create music tend to put in the time, efforts, and sometimes, even pieces of themselves into birthing a composition. It is another reason why music is so powerful; it was made by people who share the same personalities, burdens, joys, and pains as those who listen to it. 

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