5 Common Myths about Psychotherapy

People’s perception of psychotherapy is heavily influenced by media, television and advertising. There are a combination of interpretations and ideas that surround the issue which also leads to myths and other false beliefs.

It is important to know these common psychotherapy myths as it could be the reason why you are contemplating to get such as treatment. Know the facts first and do not be discouraged by the myths.

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Here are a few myths that you should be aware of:

  • Psychotherapy is only for people with mental disorders.

If you are seeing a psychotherapist, it only means that you are crazy. Psychotherapy is only for people with a mental condition.

Not all people who seek psychotherapy are crazy! In some cases, you need decision-making guidance to ensure that you are going through the right path in life.

So, psychotherapy is NOT only for people with mental disorders. It can also serve as your guide when making big decisions in life. 

  • Psychotherapy takes time to effect.

Psychotherapy takes forever. There is no way it will work and I am not prepared to spend the rest of my life seeing a psychotherapist.

The truth is… the duration of psychotherapy treatment depends on the severity of your condition. Your psychotherapist will help you achieve a favourable result in time.

There is no such thing as a shortcut treatment for all types of mental disorders. Treatment and therapy could be short or long depending on your response.

  • Psychotherapy will make you feel good about yourself.

If you think that you are showing symptoms of a mental condition, see a psychotherapist. Psychotherapy can help you forget about your issues and feel good about yourself.

NOT all people respond well to psychotherapy. There are those who feel worse and even disappointed in themselves.

However, as time goes by, you will begin to understand and realise that such behaviour or responses should be changed to a positive. In that way, your symptoms will be reduced and there will be a higher chance for recovery.

  • Psychotherapy is expensive.

Psychotherapy is costly. This is also one of the reasons why people are discouraged to take such treatment.

The truth is… psychotherapy is NOT expensive. Psychotherapy clinics provide affordable service to help patients get access to the therapy that they need.

Moreover, it just a matter of budgeting and prioritisation. If you care about the state of your mental health, then you should be prepared to invest in it!

  • Psychotherapy is like talking to a friend about your issues.

Psychotherapy is like talking a friend about my problems. Why do I need to find a psychotherapist if I can just see a friend and talk about my issue?

It is true that psychotherapy is talk-based therapy. It is MORE than talking to a friend!

Psychotherapists are expert individuals who are qualified and highly trained in terms of dealing with mental issues. It is not like talking to a friend to gain comfort… it’s more than that.

Know the facts. Do not believe what is shown in the media or word of mouth unless you have confirmed the facts.

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